Monday, February 18, 2013

Lent: Simeon

Luke 2:25-35
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Simeon experienced the Holy Spirit very powerfully. As a result, he was able to:
  1. Hear from the Holy Spirit that death would not come for him until he had seen the Messiah
  2. Know that he should enter the Temple on a particular day at a particular time
  3. Recognize Jesus and His parents from all the other visitors to the Temple on that day
  4. Give an inspired psalm praising the Lord for His faithfulness
  5. Bless the Holy Family
  6. Speak a prophesy to be fulfilled many years later
Simeon's encounter with Jesus was at the end of his life, a culmination of his walk with the Lord rather than a beginning. He already lived worthy to be called "righteous and devout". He already knew the power and direction of the Holy Spirit. In my experience of others who receive direction from the Holy Spirit, this closeness with Him does not take place overnight but is cultivated day after day through prayer, righteous living, and faith. I imagine it was visible to everyone who knew him, for who can hide such a closeness to the Lord? I fully believe that God desires to have such a relationship with each and every person who is willing to cultivate it, as Simeon did, in their own life. Lent is a great time to examine your life, to consider what areas you need to grow in to better cultivate such an openness to the Holy Spirit. How can you take one step closer to God, so you can also hear the Holy Spirit speak?

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