Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy Heritage: Smart enough already

Doing her math homework:
"Mom, what is _____ + 2 = 11?"
"That's for you to figure out."
"Why? So I will get smart?"
"Don't you want to be smart?"
"I want to stay as smart as I am."
A few days later:
"Mama, who did Laura's younger sister marry?" (Laura Ingalls Wilder)
"I don't know the name of the person."
(confidently): "Maybe George Washington."
She has her plan all ready for next Tuesday (Mardi Gras), the day traditionally for using up all the sugar, fat, and animal products in the house before Lent begins the next day. Her plan: "I'm going to have pazckis for breakfast, all my candy except bubble gum for lunch, and gum for dinner." This is the one day of the year I'll actually let her do that, but I'll be setting out the cheese and vegetables also to lessen the severity of the sugar crash she's sure to experience the next day.
My girls are deep thinkers. Her 4yr sister, watching a short video on discerning vocations, was struck by an urgent question. "Mom, do nuns go the bathroom?" Trying not to laugh, I answered that they do. Her next question was how...
We should find some nuns in habit we can build a relationship with so my girls will learn to see them as human and approachable and not as strange holy creatures (like angels) they can't quite identify with.

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