Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy Heritage: Is Mama nicer than Cinderella's stepmother?

Our life is filled with dolls, dress-up, and fairy tales.
Everything in pink and purple, of course.
My 5yr paid me a dubious compliment yesterday: "Mama is nicer than Cinderella's stepmother!" My husband tried to improve the conversation by saying I am as nice as the fairy godmother. Then he realized what he'd said and amended it to "She's much nicer than the fairy godmother!" Our daughter wasn't convinced however. She considered this a moment, then decided that Mama isn't quite as nice as the Cinderella's fairy godmother (who could be?) although still nicer than her stepmother. She didn't seem to think that even Cinderella losing her ballgown at midnight counted against the godmother. Her younger sister thought this was actually a count in her favor, "If Mama made our clothes disappear every midnight, we would wake up naked! Then we could get dressed really fast!" While that might make them more efficient in the morning, I think I'd rather they keep their pajamas on even if it means a few extra minutes getting dressed before breakfast every day.

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