Saturday, December 15, 2012

Jesse Tree: Samuel

Scripture: 1 Samuel 3:1-10
Event/Theme: Samuel Hearing God
Symbol we use: Candle-shaped or oil lamp-shaped ornament
Meditation: Learning to recognize God's voice is not an easy thing to do. Samuel became a prophet who knew God's voice well and communicated His words to other Israelites. But the first time God spoke to him, Samuel had no idea it was God and not a human. He was already prepared to hear the Lord though because he spent his time serving God and His priest. If we want to hear the Lord, it would be good for us to put ourselves in a similar position: look for every opportunity to serve God and His people. We might not wake up in the middle of the night to an audible voice, but it will help us prepare to recognize God speaking to us in whatever way He chooses.

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