Monday, October 1, 2012

Impossible Situations

Romans 9:10
Judges 7:2-7
Even the greatest superhero imaginable
can't overcome every obstacle. Yet God
seems to create more challenges so His
victory is even more impressive than it
would be anyways.
Our Lord seems to relish the opportunity to overcome "impossible" situations. Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, Samson's mother, Hannah, and Elizabeth all longed to have children and when the Lord finally granted their request, their sons had a significant impact on our faith history. When the way to military victory seemed impossible for the Israelites, sometimes God asked them to reduce their numbers to make it even more impossible, so the victory would even more clearly come from Him. Nor has He hesitated to ask individuals to serve in ways that seem counter-intuitive for them, such as asking Moses to be His spokesman to the Egyptians, despite his stuttering (Ex 4:10).
When God works in us, He often chooses the very areas where we find ourselves overwhelmed by obstacles. This can be intimidating since those are the areas where we are least confident. Yet if God calls you to work on an area where success seems impossible, remember that those are the situations where He particularly excels. We are forced to rely upon Him because we know we cannot change the situation. We cannot overcome the obstacle, whether it is infertility, a military opponent, a speech impediment, a painful past experience, a personality that seems opposed to what He call us to, a financial difficulty, or some other block that we cannot get around. By relying upon the Lord in these situations, to obey Him in whatever He asks of us (Jn 2:5), we receive the blessing of the promise, the gift of witnessing miracles without the messiness of wondering whether we actually accomplished the task ourselves.

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