Monday, October 8, 2012

God's Justice

Romans 9:14
Job 40:9-14
Does it seem unjust that Jacob was given a better deal than Esau? Does it seem unjust that we should have so much while many in third-world societies have so little? Does it seem unjust that we should have enough while the wealthy ride private jets from one mansion to another? Does it seem unjust that some people struggle with birth defects and health issues their whole life while others are healthy no matter what they eat or do?
The board was made by a different company from the one that made the beads. They don't fit quite right together and when I tried to iron it the beads stuck to the board and tore apart. Faced with my daughters' disappointment, I fiddled with the beads until I got them kind of working together, and the plastic melted into place somewhat, then told my girls this story:
The butterfly thought the rainbow was so beautiful that he flew right through it. The water droplets damaged his wings, and the butterfly was never quite the same. You can see the damage the water did, but you know what? If you ask him, he'll tell you that the experience was worth the pain it caused him. Although his wings will never look quite right again, if he was faced again with the possibility of flying through such a beautiful rainbow, he would do it.
We look at this world and judge God over the way He runs it. We think it ought to be different; we think that we could do a better job. But who are we really to judge the Creator? He is just, although we don't have the eyes to recognize His justice. There are circumstances we don't understand, joys we don't acknowledge, challenges we aren't strong enough to face, that work together to make each life and each life circumstance different. Rather than judging our Creator, let's take a step back and focus on our own individual lives, thanking Him for each blessing and trusting in Him for the strength to bear each challenge.

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