Thursday, September 13, 2012

What If

Romans 8:38-39
Colossians 1:16-20
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Why on earth am I afraid of anything?? I find myself intimidated by the smallest things, whether alive (spiders, snakes) or dead (new experiences) or people or simply possibilities of what might happen. While some things that cause me fear are capable of hurting my body, none could harm my soul. No matter how great the trauma they could cause, there is a definite end to it: an end that works in my favor. Yet as I look at what truly scares me, I find the most intimidating are the "what ifs".
"What if" it causes my death; what will happen to my children? will they end up in situations I would have protected them from? will their fledgling faith be challenged beyond its strength? will my death cause them a crisis of faith that turns them away from God?"
"What if" one thing leads to another which leads to another which causes me trouble beyond what I can handle? what if my faith is not strong enough to choose martyrdom over physical safety?
These what ifs are NOT what God has called me to. They are NOT obedient to His Spirit and His Word. He created everything in the universe; why would I think for a moment that He cannot control all of it? Why would I not trust Him for my future, and my family's future, just as I trust Him for my present? He is more than capable; and He loves me. I can trust Him; I WILL trust Him; I choose to not wander through the what ifs but rather to praise and thank Him for the Now, allowing Him to care for me both today and in the future.

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