Monday, September 24, 2012

Living and Active

Romans 9:6
Hebrews 4:12-13
Your Word never changes.
Your Word never fails.
The phrases stay the same;
the meaning doesn't shift.
Sometimes, though, I have to admit,
I misunderstand.
I think Your Word means one thing
and what I see in my life
or in the life of someone else
is altogether different.
I'm starting to realize
Your Word never changes
but it is living and active.
It "means" something different for those who read it
depending on who that person is
depending on what that person faces
depending on the present You desire
for that individual.
A promise of provision means food and clothing for me
But it may mean grace for the times of hunger for another
Or abundant riches beyond my dreams for someone else.
I'm not called to be rich;
wealth would only give me trouble.
My faith is not yet strong enough to face actual hunger.
So You provide for me what I need
and no more.
Does Your Word change? No.
Yet it is more adaptable than we realize.
We limit Your Word to what we know.
We limit Your power to what we understand.
We limit Your work to what we expect.
What needs to change is not Your Word;
what needs to change are our own expectations.

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