Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Joy Today

Romans 8:37
Luke 10:17-21
Christianity isn't just for "someday" in heaven. The joy and the victory and the love are for today! If we walk about seeing only the struggles and the attacks and the trials in our lives, we've missed a huge portion of the gift of God. The early Christians had so much joy that they even rejoiced in their sufferings (Acts 5:41). God didn't set us up with standards we could never hope to achieve (Mt 5:48), promising a someday-reward, and giving us none of the tools we need to gain the hope offered to us. He has rather handed the victory to us out of His tremendous love for us. He has given us the Holy Spirit to help us along the way (Jn 14:16). While heaven is our hope, life is good today when we recognize all the blessings bestowed on us by the Lord God. We can live happily in the now while knowing that tomorrow and forever will be even better.

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