Thursday, September 6, 2012

Christ Our Creator

Romans 8:34
1 Corinthians 15:3-8
Everything I've done has been done by others many times before. There is "nothing new under the sun" in my life (Ecc 1:9). I am after all just an ordinary person doing ordinary things with ordinary results to show for my work. When Christ died and was raised on the third day, that was new, an astounding victory against sin and death never seen before or since anywhere in the world. And He is now interceding for us! Who can argue against Him that we should be punished without mercy? Another ordinary person doing ordinary things with ordinary results?
I once heard a description of the difference between God as Creator and us created beings as makers as the difference between making something from nothing and making something from something else. We can invent things using old material we find on this earth, but only the Creator can create that material using nothing at all. How much more astounding it is to take nothing and create an entire universe than to take what someone else already created and make something different. If Christ then intercedes for us, who is the Creator, and who has done what no one else before or since has been able to accomplish, His word overrides that of anyone who might choose to condemn us.

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