Monday, August 20, 2012

Whose Description is Trustworthy?

Romans 8:24
John 14:1-7
We've all encountered promises from people who can't or won't keep them. I'm a bit of an idealist and have always found myself disillusioned when a promise made to me is not kept. Even simple promises broken regularly like appointments routinely broken by someone's inability to stick to a schedule tend to be difficult for me to cope with. Of course, there's always need to allow for the individual circumstances and to forgive even wrongdoing. But when someone struggles to be faithful to their promises, we adjust our expectations. We no longer expect the late person to show up when they're told to; we may even give them a different beginning time from someone who is faithfully prompt. We don't invite the person over who regularly cancels appointments, or we invite other guests at the same time so it's not such a disappointment when they don't show up. We limit our interactions with those who struggle to keep their promises and focus instead on our relationships with those who are more trustworthy.
Since we can't see what happens after death from this side of the event, it's vitally important to know who to trust. Jesus tells us what takes place for His followers and for those who don't pay attention to His words (Mt 25:46). Muhammad describes quite a different picture. Those who believe in reincarnation expect a different outcome altogether at their death. They can't all be correct. Without knowing for ourselves we have to choose an authority and rely upon them to tell the truth. We have a hope for our future after death and we cannot see our hope fulfilled until it's too late to change our course. I have every reason to trust in Jesus as the reliable authority for what takes place after death. He has been faithful to every promise made. I know I can trust His word because He has always followed through on His promises and has never left me wondering whether He will disappoint me. As faithful, knowledgeable, and trustworthy, He is the one I will place my hope in, His word is the one I will trust, and His description is the one I will prepare for.

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