Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Inheriting from the Eternal God

Romans 8:17
Acts 10:44-48
I've always thought of an heir as receiving all the benefits of that position when the benefactor passes away. As heirs of an eternal God, we wouldn't receive much: He will never die so we would be waiting forever. But if I had a great deal of wealth--enough to give a hefty inheritance--I would want it to go to people I loved and organizations I thought important during my lifetime as well as afterward. I wouldn't want to watch them struggle along with practically nothing while reassuring them that if they survived longer than me, they would receive more than enough to thrive. Being an heir of the Creator of the universe isn't just for when He dies. He gives to us today. He gives us grace; He gives us salvation; He gives us Himself. The presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives, each and every day of our lives, is an amazing benefit of being the heir of God. I'm so glad not to wait forever for this portion of my inheritance.

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