Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Holy Is Better Than Easy

Romans 8:29
1 Thessalonians 5:19-24
5yr old with one of my brothers
There is a lot I hope for in the future of my children. I hope they will be readers; I hope they will have good jobs; I hope they will live always surrounded by family and friends who love them. But if none of this ever takes place, the far greater hope I have for my two daughters is that they will be conformed to the image of Christ. I know they will be able to survive a miserable life if they only cling to the Lord and allow Him to shape their responses to every attack this world may send their way. While I would like and wish for them to have fabulous lives, easy and happy and carefree, I desire much more that they have holy lives.
God's desire for us extends far beyond the ideals the world around us offers as the epitome of our existence. He offers us holiness. He conforms us to Himself. He teaches us how to move beyond our own selfishness and our own goals to choose the greater goal of heaven and becoming like Him. That doesn't always exclude an easy, happy, carefree life, but when the two are in conflict with each other, God chooses to allow us the hardships of a difficult life for the sake of holiness. He may even go beyond "allowing" and actually call us into difficult situations, knowing that we will struggle in them, but also knowing that we will become holier because of them.
I am just a human mother. I still want the easy life for my children. But as a Christian I know, although I may someday struggle against that knowledge, that easy is not as good as holy. May the Lord give me strength to allow, support, even encourage my children during their struggles and not simply fight against them.

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