Friday, August 3, 2012

Abba! Father!

Romans 8:15
Mark 14:33-36
I have no trouble believing there is a God. I've asked that question, hardly needing to, knowing even before I asked that I already had evidence that He exists and discovering in the asking more proofs in just about every direction I can look. What I find harder to comprehend in my humanness is that He invites me to be known by the same title as Jesus: as His son/daughter. The Creator of the Universe invites me to bring my troubles to Him. Just as Jesus was able to relate so personally, so intimately to God, I can now relate to Him on that same level. The difference between the expected and the surprise is that Jesus IS God, so it's expected that He would relate to the Father as having the right to call Him Daddy; I am simply a human, making it surprising that He would adopt me and invite me to call Him Daddy also. I am in some ways more comfortable with the proper fear of God (Rom 3:18) than with the now equally proper closeness of a child interacting with a well-loved parent. Yet that is also what I am called to; not to hide myself out of fear as a slave but to reveal myself, including all my struggles and my joys, to my Father who has shown such love to me.

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