Thursday, July 26, 2012

Escaping Death

Romans 8:10
John 11:20-27
Life is worth protecting and preserving but cling to everlasting
life with Christ rather than temporary life on this earth
Few people have ever escaped bodily death. I can only think of two (Enoch and Elijah) and I can think of billions who have not escaped it. Compared to thousands of years of history, an average of 70 years or so for a single lifespan is not much time. When we cling to life on this earth, we're grasping a very insubstantial hope. Reality says we won't be able to hold onto it for long no matter what we do. Whether sooner through one sad situation or another, or later to as much as 114, everyone dies.
Enoch and Elijah didn't hold onto their lives: they were simply moved into a new home. Through Christ we have that same hope. Although we can expect to experience bodily death, we can look forward to resurrection with Him and life forever. Not a prolonged misery watching everyone around us suffer and die, like the fable of the Wandering Jew, but LIFE given by the Giver of every perfect and wonderful gift.

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