Thursday, June 7, 2012

Romans 7:7, Internal vs. External Motivation

Romans 7:7
Jeremiah 31:31-34
I don't tend to procrastinate on the things I really want to do. When the motivation is internal then we respond much more quickly than when we do something because someone or something outside of ourselves forces us to do it. I get frustrated sometimes with my daughters obeying me slowly but never have to urge them on to eat candy or participate in an activity they really want to do. The internal desire makes them move twice as quickly as the external motivator of mom, even though they know the external can also produce desirable or painful results.
5yr and a friend have internal motivation to jump in puddles
The Law God gave to Moses has always been good but it can only work on us externally. We may choose to obey it because we choose to honor God but we move slower or our response is weaker because the motivation comes from outside of ourselves. Sometimes it just opens up new ways to disobey rather than purifying us and helping us become more godly. One of the benefits of the Holy Spirit is an internal desire to obey God and His Law. Our response is faster and more effective because the motivation is no longer an external punishment or reward. 

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