Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Christ KNOWS us

Romans 7:18
Revelation 2:1-7
At a talk I attended recently it was emphasized that Christ KNOWS. In each of the seven letters to the churches in Revelation 2-3 He begins by reminding them that He knows. He doesn't need an explanation for where we're coming from and we can't pull the wool over His eyes. It is both a comfort and an exhortation. He knows how hard we struggle and He knows when and why we fall. He knows when we try to do the right thing and find ourselves deep in sin once again. He knows that the ability to honor and obey Him-to live the Law He has placed in our hearts-is not within us. He knows we can never be perfect even as He exhorts to strive for absolute perfection (Mat 5:48). Why does He call us to strive for something it's not possible for us to attain? Because it is possible, but the power lies in the Holy Spirit, not in ourselves. Christ KNOWS and He exhorts us to perfection anyway because He also KNOWS that we will find the means to attain it through Him.

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