Thursday, May 31, 2012

Romans 7:4, Let There Be A Clear Distinction

Romans 7:4
Colossians 3:1-5
Luke 16:13
We cannot actively choose God and at the same time actively choose a way of life that opposes Him. Just like there is a dividing line between "alive" and "dead", there is a clear distinction between "belonging to God" and "belonging to someone/something else". Jesus' sacrifice provided a way for us to terminate our former allegiance and live for God, which we were not able to do on our own. If we tried to it would have looked like adultery. Now that we belong to God it is not right for us to live as if we belong to someone else any more than it would be right for a married woman to act as if she were unmarried or as if she were married to someone other than her own husband. Let go of the sin. Let go of your former way of life. Choose to live for Christ, wholly and completely, as if He were your beloved groom and you His beautiful bride. Let there be a clear distinction between who you were before and who you are now in Christ Jesus.

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