Thursday, May 24, 2012

Romans 6:23, Don't Work for the Enemy

Romans 6:23
Matthew 20:1-16
Imagine how difficult it would be to work hard all day for an employer and to then be beaten or killed for your efforts. We protest (as we should) the injustice of those who are not payed a living wage and struggle to make ends meet, yet we continue to work for our own enemy who pays us in the end with death. The day laborers in Jesus' parable protested because they were not given above and beyond the normal daily wage only because the full amount was given to those who had worked for a significantly shorter time. Sin offers us the same wage regardless of the work we accomplish for our own enemy. In contrast, God also offers the same gift of eternal life whether we turn to Him early in our earthly life or late. We've already earned sin's wages; will we continue working for sin or will we decide to accept Christ's offer of a way out? His offer is not a wage--the difference between "wages" and "gift" is important--but we still need to leave our former boss behind.

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