Thursday, May 10, 2012

Romans 6:15, Call to Repentance

Romans 6:15
Revelation 2:18-23
God calls us to righteousness, to repent of our sins and turn completely away from them. He sees each one of our deeds, both the ones honoring Him and those rejecting His Lordship, and the first do not save us from judgement if we continue in the second. My sins may not be precisely the same as "the woman Jezebel", but if I refuse to repent when Christ offers me the opportunity, I can't imagine He's going to be any more lenient on me than on her. I'm certainly not willing to stake my eternal fate on the presumption that He's going to allow me to continue sinning and trusting in His mercy to forgive me when I come to Him with a superficial repentance. May my repentance be sincere and may I put forth every effort to turn away from my sin and allow the Holy Spirit to change me whenever Christ calls my attention to a sin I'm committing.

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