Friday, April 20, 2012

Romans 6:4, Baptized Into New Life

Romans 6:4
2 Kings 5:9-14
Jordan River
Baptism seems almost too easy to be true. We're baptized into Christ's death but we don't experience His death; it feels like nothing more difficult than an ordinary bath in ordinary water. It's really the follow-up that's difficult, when we have to let go of the old sinful nature and embrace the new Christ-like nature. There is a change that takes place that is just as significant as the healing of Naaman yet we sometimes live as if we were still untouched by Christ's death and resurrection. Would we allow the change to be more obvious if it had cost us something more significant? if we had stayed for 3 days in the tomb with Jesus or experienced the pain of the scourging He experienced or hung on a cross next to Him for a few hours? God offers us a tremendous blessing of new life. Just because He paid the price for it instead of us does not mean we should underestimate its value. It is an immense treasure; we need to appreciate it and take full advantage of it.

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