Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lent Day 4

1 John 3:16-18
Making sacrifices for God is not just about ourselves nor even just about our own relationship with God. There is something wrong in me or in the particular sacrifice I've chosen (usually it's something wrong in me) if I don't also treat the people around me just as well or better on the days I am fasting or making a sacrifice for God as on the days when I'm not doing anything special. We want to become more like Jesus and we know He never yelled at His family or snatched a toy away from another child. Fasting can be difficult but it's not an excuse to mistreat other people.
As you decide which sacrifice to make each day, consider things you can do that will directly benefit other people. Maybe you can help someone with a chore or make a card for a friend or family member. Maybe you can earn some money to give to the poor or give some money you were saving up for something for yourself.
Also use this opportunity to grow in compassion for people who are not as fortunate as you are. When you fast from food, whether from sweets or meat or from all food, pray for people who don't have any food. When you help with an extra chore, pray for people whose health won't let them do that chore or run and move their body like you can or who may be in a lot of pain right now. When you make a card for a friend or family member, make another card for someone you don't know very well who might not get a lot of mail. Each day as you choose a different way to sacrifice, choose sacrifices that will show repentance, that will remind you to pray, that will challenge you to depend more on God, but also choose sacrifices that will help you demonstrate God's love for others.

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