Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lent Day 2

Matthew 6:16-18
Fasting means to give up something we like, something that in fact may be very good for us, for the sake of something even better. The word "fasting" usually means food, but we can choose to fast from something else such as an activity or hobby we enjoy. Whenever we think about that activity, feel the hunger for the food, or have to say no when someone offers us something we've chosen to fast from, we are reminded of the sacrifice we've decided to make and the reason we've chosen to make that sacrifice. It should be something difficult because only the things we really want will make us remember the "something even better" that makes the sacrifice worthwhile.
And what could be better? Yesterday's meditation was about restoring our relationship with God and the way a fast or sacrifice could help demonstrate our desire for God. A relationship with our Savior is certainly better than anything we might enjoy from this world. Fasting reminds us to pray. The more we pray, the more likely we are to have a good relationship with the Lord. Every time we want the thing we've decided to avoid, it will be like an alarm clock or timer reminding us that now it's time to pray again. It's important though to not use fasting as a way of bragging or boasting about our own holiness. The focus is on our own relationship with God, not on how good other people might think we are. It is better to keep it a secret from anyone who doesn't live with us, except when we really have to tell. Do you think that maybe they are fasting also and have kept it a secret?
Decide one thing to fast from for today and write or draw it inside this heart. You may need to share it with your family, but try to keep it a secret between them, yourself, and God. Pray today for a deeper relationship with God each time you want that food or activity that you can't have.

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