Monday, February 6, 2012

Begin Afternoons With Praise Songs

Our mornings begin quite solidly with prayer (thanks most particularly to my wonderful husband), but he's at work during the afternoon. My goal this week is to begin each afternoon with Christian music playing on our computer. I find that the words and tone of the music sets my thoughts on the right path, encourages my spirit, and so improves the way I relate to my children. I also think that everything we do should begin and end with prayer although that prayer is not always evident to other people. So after we've all had our rest time (nap or reading or just being quiet and alone), I will turn on one of the Christian playlists I have on Pandora or Spotify and let praise be the atmosphere in our afternoon activities. I also have playlists that are child-oriented, including both kids praise music and fun songs, and my older daughter already asks for them whenever the more adult music is playing, but we will keep the all-praise music going for 20 minutes or so before switching to their music.
Using praise songs to begin our afternoons with prayer Works for Me!


  1. I'm just reading a prayer book now that recommends praying around lunch time - I've added an alarm to my ical/phone and it works wonders!

    1. I can never remember a new habit unless I set an alarm or attach it to an existing habit. Is there any better use for technology than to remind us to pray more often??