Friday, November 18, 2011

Romans 5:7

Romans 5:7
If Christ had died only for those who were righteous, how many people do you suppose that would include? I would presume that Abraham would be one and Noah another since He gave each of them significant favors based on their efforts to live for Him and both are called righteous in the Bible. But I'm also pretty sure I would not be one of those included. I don't know where the line would be separating those who are "good" though not perfect and those who are simply not good enough but I know I depend too much on the Lord's help to reject sin to ever stand a chance without the grace from His death on the cross.

The point is really to consider and appreciate more the tremendous gift we have been given. God sacrificed so much for us. Acknowledging the depth of that sacrifice helps us recognize the depth of His love and enables us to respond to it better.

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