Friday, October 7, 2011

Romans 4:8

Romans 4:8
Psalm 32
God's forgiveness is a tremendous blessing we could never hope to earn. Yet the strong message I see in Psalm 32 is that it does still require something from us: We don't earn it or work for it but we do have to repent of our sin. We ask for forgiveness because God isn't going to force it upon us. We cannot hide our sins and expect the Lord to do a miraculous work in our lives. We have to acknowledge them and repent. We have to recognize that we have offended God and humbly ask Him to send our sin far away from us. But He responds with such an amazing, incredible, unexpected gift. He forgives! Blessed indeed is the person forgiven by God. The burden we didn't even realize we were carrying is suddenly removed and joy rushes in to fill its place. What peace and happiness we find when we have faced our own wrongdoing, repented of it, and received the Lord's forgiveness!

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