Friday, September 23, 2011

Romans 4:1

Romans 4:1 
Genesis 11:31 
Genesis 12:1 
The Bible leaves so much untold. The Old Testament especially is such a broad overview that it hints at more questions than it answers. Was Tarah, Abraham's father, faithful to the one true God? Did God speak to him and tell him to go to Canaan or did he start the journey for other reasons? What was Abram's life like day to day that caused him to find such a deep and enduring faith which was apparently so different from that of the other people he encountered? How did God speak to him that he was able to recognize His voice and make such significant sacrifices to obey? These questions could easily distract but they can also challenge us to greater faith in our own lives. I may not know what Tarah believed, but I know what I believe and what I need to do better to increase my own faith. I know how to seek the Lord's input into my life and decisions, so I'm challenged by the story of Abraham to do so more often. The account of Abraham's journey may leave out more than it includes, but the most important result of reading it is to grow in my own faith and my own relationship with the living God.

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