Monday, September 19, 2011

Romans 3:29

Romans 3:29
I can't even imagine worshiping a god who is not Lord over all. I suppose that was all some people knew; their village worshiped a certain god or gods which had particular authority over certain areas of their lives, while the neighboring village worshiped a different set with differing authority. When they fought, the victory went to the village whose god had authority over the territory or who was stronger that particular day than the other village's god. The gods' territory was so important that Naaman felt he had to take some dirt home from Israel if he was going to worship the Lord God while living in Syria (2 Kings 5:17). Yet I still can't imagine living for a god without any authority over the decisions of other people in other lands, or observing the greater power of someone else's god and knowing that one was not for me because I don't belong to a certain race or a certain country.
Fortunately, we're not excluded from worshiping the true living God who is Lord of lords and King of kings. His authority is without limits and His power extends to the entire universe. His protection is more desirable than that available from any other "god" I've come across and He has the ability to follow through with it. He is not the God of the Jews only, but most certainly and most wonderfully of all people both Jews and Gentiles.

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