Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bible Study: Tools

When I was in college, a woman I respected made the statement that it's impossible to complete a proper Bible study without a concordance. Being desperately poor at the time I had to continue on without one. What she was specifically referring to was trying to complete a topical study without the right tools. Now I use my computer most days while studying the Bible and have not only a concordance readily available but also several other tools for free. My concordance and Greek Bible translation are within my e-Sword program, which also offers devotionals, maps, multiple English and other language translations, space for taking notes, highlighting and underlining options, and the ability to compare several translations at once. I have found it extremely useful in my personal reading and study of Scripture, even more so because it doesn't take up a lot of space or require me to bring out several different books to pile around me.
One thing I have not been entirely satisfied with in e-Sword has been their maps display and download options. Instead I go to Bible History Maps or more specifically their list and map of New Testament locations or Old Testament locations. I love being able to look at an alphabetical list for a city or region that I read about in the Bible and find help locating exactly where the city or region is located and a short description about it.
Finding tools that help me understand the Bible better Works for Me!

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