Friday, August 19, 2011

Romans 3:8

Romans 3:8
I tell my girls often that I don't care if they succeed at a new task, I only care if they try. We regularly ask them to try new activities, both because we think maybe they can accomplish something they weren't able to before and we think it's good for all of us to be challenged rather than life being seen as too easy. Every time the task we've given them turns out to be too difficult and every time our child is intimidated by a task, not realizing that she's capable of accomplishing it, I remind her that "failure" is okay and part of being human--I'm proud of her for trying.
I've been trying to overcome weaknesses in myself for years now and still "fail" regularly, but what's important is that I continue to try. Choosing to give in to sin because "God will bring good out of it" is never acceptable. Recognizing that He will bring good even out of my failure is an encouragement and blessing. It's hard sometimes. I'd rather stick with what I already know how to do. I'd rather not try new things. But facing my weaknesses and trying (once again) to overcome them is what I know Christ wants me to do. Even though I fail again and again. What's important is not whether I succeed, but whether I try.

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