Monday, August 29, 2011

Romans 3:15-17

Romans 3:15-17
Isaiah 59:7-8

I have to admit, I can't even imagine being the type of person to choose the life described here. I like peace. I like order. I don't like blood or chaos or destruction. Why would you choose to be miserable? Why would you choose to make other people miserable? Yet as glad as I am to have an alternative in Christ, do I offer that alternative to others? Do I hoard it like the miser in Luke 12:16-21? If I have a treasure to bring incredibly joy to everyone who receives it, and limitless quantities of the treasure, so that everyone in the world can receive it and it will never be exhausted, why would I keep that to myself? Am I fully enjoying it myself even? It's so easy to criticize anyone who would choose bloodshed, ruin, misery, and lack of peace, but in reality I do choose them myself and I refuse to help others who might not know any other path. I need to make better choices in my own life and I need to better communicate the wonderful reality of Christ with others.

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