Monday, July 4, 2011

Romans 2:9

The Lord is just. If my actions are evil, why would I expect to be rewarded with blessings? No matter who I am, who my parents are, or where I am from, if my actions are evil I can expect to be punished. Why would I expect anything different?

One person on this radio program from Catholic Answers asked why it seems that those who are reveling in sin are still being rewarded, while those working hard and denying themselves for the sake of doing what is right seem to have the short end of the stick. Obviously we haven't reached the end of the trail yet and the rewards/punishments after judgment may have little to do with what we experience in this life. Yet I loved how the speaker answered the question: that sometimes we misinterpret a reward/punishment. The particular example given was that of sexual promiscuity where a man seems to be enjoying innumerable relationships with as many beautiful women as he'd like. But, the speaker pointed out, his escapades are like dabbling in numerous shallow pools. It may seem as though he has it better than someone faithfully following God's laws, but the truth is that he is really missing out on diving deep into the ocean of a single woman's love. Follow God's ways to find the soulmate.

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