Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Romans 1:10

I once heard an atheist argue that if God always works for our good (Rom 8:28), then He's not going to change anything based on our prayers, so why pray? Maybe it's the difference between a peach and a plum, where He is giving us good but with a different "flavor" because we've asked for one fruit rather than the other. Maybe if Paul hadn't been asking so fervently for the gift of visiting the Christians in Rome he would have been given another gift of visiting the Christians in another city and it would also have been very good. But that interaction with God in prayer not only does influence what happens to us but seems also to please the Lord. I know I try to give good things to my children always, but what I give is influenced by their requests and it does please me to receive their requests and interactions with me. I might not like it if all their interactions were requests for me to give them one thing or another, but I am glad that they show an interest and share in the decision making process. Paul did make it to Rome (Acts 28:16), so God obviously heard his prayers and allowed them to influence his future.

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